Mack Bolan: A Dying Evil
The Tyranny Files Book III

The deadly hunt began in the United States, as an escalating series of terrorist incidents were linked to neo-Nazi fanatics calling themselves Temple of the Nordic Covenant. It was more dangerous than other Nazi cliques because of its size and scope, and it's leader's apocalyptic tentacles of a war to end all wars reached accross the Atlantic to Europe.

Each time, Mack Bolan had been there to thwart the temple's grisly agenda for global dominance and to minimalize the spill of innocent blood. But now the temple is going nuclear. Bolan races to preempt a bloodbath in racially chaged South America and lock his sights on Gerhard Steuben's final target for the stolen tactical nuke.

Endgame comes to the frozen frontier of the South Pole, where a storm of ice and fire will decide whose vision--Bolan's or a
madman's--will prevail
Mack Bolan: A Dying Evil
(The Tyranny Files Book III)
by Don Pendleton
Mass Market Paperback
Sept 2001; Gold Eagle
ISBN: 0373614802