Mack Bolan: Altered State
by Don Pendleton
Mass Market Paperback
July 2009; Gold Eagle
ISBN: 13-978-0-373-61532-2
Mack Bolan: Altered State
Written by Michael Newton under the pseudonym Don Pendleton
Drug Warriors

Kabul, Afghanistan, remains a front line within a bureaucratic civil war, where spooks, soldiers, fantatics and narcatics collide in profit and death. Added to the mix are rumors of a heroin operation now run by America's largest and most respected private security firm. With no legal remedy on hand, Mack Bolan is dispatched on a scorched-earth mission that threatens to expose more than just hand-holding deep inside the Beltway. With his identity compromised from the start, the Executioner hooks up with a seasoned DEA agent and local informant, blowing out the infrastructure of a massive narco-traffic operation brick by brick, and exposing the long arm of a traitor.