Mack Bolan: Amazon Impunity
written by Michael Newton under the pseudonym Don Pendleton
March 2013

Sent to Brazil to take down one of the country's most powerful drug lords, Mack Bolan stumbles across two U.S. missionaries taken prisoner by the cartel. But while attempting to extract them to safety, Bolan learns that not everyone wants to be rescued. As the jungle becomes a battlefield, the pair soon slips out of his grasp. They're determined to continue their religious work, and the rain forest's tangled depths can cover up even the most amateur of trails.

Suddenly, Bolan is caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse—and the cartel soldiers are rapidly closing in on their prey. With his reluctant charges on the run and a cocaine shipment already en route, Bolan is torn between destroying the trafficker's thriving business, and saving American lives. Forget plan B. The Executioner must rely on improvisation alone to complete this near-impossible mission—or die trying.