Black Collar Crimes
An Encyclopedia of False Prophets
and Unholy Orders
by Michael Newton
What's up with the clergy? Some of these supposedly God-fearing folks are flouting the law of the land! Murder... make that mass murder! And rape... including the statutory kind! Not to mention kidnapping, torture, conspiracy, slavery, prostitution, forgery, child pornography, terrorist bombings, sexual assault and/or battery, grand larceny, embezzlement, and lots more!
          Author Michael Newton has catalogued a grim host of decidedly nonsanctimonious characters in Black Collar Crimes: An Encyclopedia of False Prophets and Unholy Orders. This lexicon of lawlessness is truly astounding! Mail fraud, indecent exposure, theft, perjury, arson, assault with intent to kill, sexual abuse, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, bigamy, inciting a riot, public lewdness, manslaughter, sodomy, electronic eavesdropping, bankruptcy, fraud, obscenity, inflicting bodily harm, income tax evasion, child molestation... well, the list continues to astound pious readers!
          You'll never view the clergy in the same way you do now, once you've read Newton's amazing exposé of religious misconduct! Slander, money laundering, DWI, immigration fraud, practicing medicine without a license, solicitation, impersonating a public official, genital or oral penetration by a foreign object, adultery, disorderly conduct, indecent assault and battery, weapons violations, barbarism, food stamp fraud, sexual harassment, illegal manufacture of guns and silencers, unlawful restraint, corrupting a minor, breach of trust, religious discrimination, public drunkenness, threatening and/or intent to kill, and lewd and lascivious acts of all sorts... the list seems to have no end!

Loompanics Press
Paperback - 280 pages
ISBN: 1-55950-185-5