A Case of Conspiracy
James Earl Ray and the Assassination
of Martin Luther King, Jr.
by Michael Newton
Reprinted in 1988 as
The King Conspiracy
Holloway House Pub. Co.
ISBN: 0-87067-003-4
Back Cover Copy
"I believe now the case may be resolved...thanks
in part to a few books written like your own...."
                         --James Earl Ray

On April 4, 1968, at 6:01 p.m., a shot rang out. The great civil rights leader Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., fell to the floor with massive head and throat wounds. Death was almost instantaneous. After a manhunt that spanned the United States, Canada and Mexico, James Earl Ray was arrested sixty-five days later at London's Heathrow Airport and accused of being King's assassin. But was he?

Only Ray's surprise guilty plea, which he later recanted, saved the prosecution from having to prove their case. In a carefully researched and gripping step-by-step reconstruction of the assassination and its aftermath, author Michael Newton raises new and troubling questions about the investigation, arrest and trial of James Earl Ray which suggest that a conspiracy did indeed exist and that Ray may not have been the assassin after all.

In the process, the author exposes faulty investigative techniques, self-serving attorneys and most important, reveal James Earl Ray's character as never before.