Century of Slaughter
Previously published as Serial Slaughter
by Michael Newton
"Forget about phony 'experts' and 'analysts'--forget the hype, the headlines and the sound-bites! Here is the truth about serial killers." 
                                                                --Robert Bloch, author of Psycho
Century of Slaughter is serial killer expert Michael Newton's "behind the screams" look at America's murder epidemic. Newton spent over a decade sifting through evidence from police files, court records, psychiatric testimony and news reports. Using the case histories of more than 800 serial killers, he searched for patterns and the answers to some of society's most terrifying questions:

*          What turns innocent children into grown-up homicidal                               maniacs?
*           Does violent pornography create sex slayers?
*          What traits do serial killers look for in their victims?
*           Is there any way to identify and treat predators before they             start to hunt?

Formerly published as Serial Slaughter, this updated edition gets behind the headlines and into the heads of serial killers. Century of Slaughter is the most detailed study of multiple murder ever published.

"The most complete analysis of the serial killer phenomenon available."
                    --John Douglas, retired FBI profiler,                           author  of Mindhunter  and
                      The Cases That Haunt Us
IUniverse Press
1992, 2000
Paperback - 339 pages
ISBN: 0-595-00451-2