Mack Bolan: Destiny's Hour
The Tyranny Files Book I

War has arrived through America's back door, a strategic offensive to turn the Nazi dream into worldwide domination. The Temple of the Nordic Covenant has lit the fuse to detonate a racial holy war accross the globe, complete with timetables for genocide, if necessary, and enough guns and nukes to send civilization back to the Stone Age.

The opening onslaught is a warm-up of chaos and blood, with trigger incidents at crucial points. Mack Bolan has taken on neo-Nazis before, but this group is big, armed and very dangerous. From Tacoma to L.A. to Chicago, with a lady Fed at his side, he's turning up the heat, matching the brownshirts shot for shot.

An evil force is boring inexorably into the heart of the American nation. Bolan is prepared to use all at his disposal to ensure that the republic sees another sunrise.

Even if it means his life ...

Mack Bolan: Destiny's Hour
(The Tyranny Files Book I)
by Don Pendleton
Mass Market Paperback
May 2001; Gold Eagle;
ISBN: 0373614780