The Executioner #330, Dual Action
The Executioner: Dual Action
by Don Pendleton

Mass Market Paperback
April 2006
Gold Eagle; ISBN: 0373643306
Back Cover Copy
Mack Bolan is on the trail of a lethal mystery weapon used to destroy a U.S. military tank in Iraq. The supergun has proven armor-piercing capabilities and has fallen into the hands of a neo-Nazi group in the American Midwest. The group is hell-bent on using the weapon to further their racist cause. Their target: Israel.

When Bolan attempts to raid the Aryan Resistance Movement's training camp in Arkansas, he quickly realizes he's up against an enemy who's both resilient and elusive. Now he's running out of time as he races to locate the weapon and stop it from reaching its target. But he comes up empty and now the enemy is aware that someone is on to them. It's a grim, frustrating mission that boils down to gambling on a hunch. The payoff depends on the Executioner's timing, skill and the luck that comes with playing the odds for a living.