Mack Bolan: Extraordinary Rendition
written by Michael Newton under the pseudonym Don Pendleton
Oct. 2010

On the streets of a democratic Russia, espionage, civil war and Mafiya control dominate a new kind of battlefield. Bolan's mission: locate, extract and deliver a ruthless arms dealer to a transport team ready to take him back to the United States to stand trial. But the Russian made friends in high places- CIA, FBI, KGB-- during his career as both a player and a pawn. With compromising leaks high up in counter-intelligence circles, and a hard force of specialized handlers keeping him alive and doing deals with rogue nations, the arms merchant is a hard man to get to, much less take alive. Bolan doesn't get hung up on odds, risk or the roll of the dice. He's focused on a mission gone sour in hostile territory- and his personal commitment to finishing by any means necessary.