Executioner # 357: Extreme Justice
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It was supposed to be an open-and-shut case against a high-ranking mobster on trial for conspiring to aid Middle Eastern terrorists in a series of attacks against the U.S. But the so-called "last don" of New York City is likely to be acquitted when mercenary hit teams kill every prosecution witness except one.

Gilbert Favor is a retired money mover now living in Costa Rica and is the government's last hope. Mack Bolan's mission is to track Favor and return him Stateside. But the money-laundering specialist is less than willing to come forward. The gunmen tracking him want silence by way of a bullet. The Executioner must deliver the witness alive, no matter what the cost.
The Executioner: Extreme Justice
by Don Pendleton

Mass Market Paperback
August 2008
Gold Eagle;
ISBN: 978-0-373-64357-8