The FBI Encyclopedia
by Michael Newton
The FBI Encyclopedia
McFarland & Company, Inc.
464 pages
October 2003
ISBN: 0-7864-1718-8
This work presents entries on a broad range of topics related to the FBI, including:

* biographical sketches of directors, agents, attorneys general, notorious fugitives, and people (both well known and unknown) targeted by the FBI

*events, cases and investigations such as ILLWIND, ABSCAM and Amerasia

*FBI terminology and programs such as COINTELPRO and VICAP

*organizations targeted for surveillance or disruption including the KGB and the Ku Klux Klan

*and various general topics such as psychological profiling, fingerprinting and electronic surveillance.

*includes an introductory overview of the FBI's origins and history.
Newton, Michael.
The FBI Encyclopedia.
          McFarland. 2004. 440p. bibliog. index.
          ISBN 0-7864-1718-8. $95.         REF
The product of more than 40 years of research, this is Newton's third book dedicated solely to the FBI and the first ever published that presents the full scope of bureau history in an encyclopedia format. Spanning nearly 90 years and ranging from Robert William Abel to Louis Zukofsky, the entries include biographies, organizational histories, and legislative profiles as well as coverage of famous cases and FBI structures, programs, and procedures. The entries are both informative and interesting and include people and organizations targeted by the bureau. Among the significant people and events portrayed are John Dillinger, W.C. Fields, the JFK assassination, militia movements, Elvis Presley, Watergate, and the USA PATRIOT Act. This excellent reference tool will have great appeal to a wide audience, not just those with a special interest in criminal justice. Highly recommended.
                                                               --Tim Delaney, SUNY at Oswego

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