Book 1: Skinwalker

by Michael Newton
A Western Horror Novel

Gideon Thorn, survivor at age two of the unknown 'animal' attack that massacred his family in Kansas Territory, roams the West in search of answers to his personal tragedy and other unsolved mysteries of seeming paranormal origin. In Skinwalker, his quest takes him to Tularosa, New Mexico Territory, where a savage prowler striking on nights with full moons has slaughtered eighteen victims. Can Thorn identify and slay the predator before it claims more lives—including his.

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Gideon Thorn Western Horror series
Book 2: Leviathan Rising
Gideon Thorn, still seeking answers to the slaughter of his family when he was two years old, pursues reports of an unearthly flying monster liberated from a southwest Texas silver mine. While hunting the man-eating terror, Thorn becomes mired in a small town's dilemma, caught between a ruthless robber baron and his Pinkertons on one side, and an attractive, idealistic widow on the other. Will he solve the mystery before a living nightmare's massive wings envelop one and all?
Book 3: Ghost Town
Fresh from a taking down a cannibal clan in frontier Missouri, bound for a new case in Colorado, Gideon Thorn interrupts a highway robbery and finds himself, as a result, transported to the very mouth of Hell on the Kansas prairie. What is the secret concealed by Lazarus, a town welcoming unexpected 'guests of honor' on the anniversary of its razing by Confederate guerrillas in the Civil War? What are the motives of its strange inhabitants, and which—if any—of the visitors will manage to survive? Is Lazarus the fated end of Thorn's long, winding search for answers to the Wild West's mysteries?
Book 4: Mountain Devils

From deep in the forest echoes a back-shuddering howl, and they know it’s coming again. Gideon Thorne, still on the hunt for those who murdered his family, must now face an unworldly threat from one dispossessed of what was rightfully his…and there’s no greater foe, man, beast, or the unknown. 
Book 5: Soul Slayers

While potential news related to his family's murder makes its way from Colorado Territory to Boston, and on from there to find him somewhere in the West, Gideon Thorn confronts his greatest challenge yet: trying to solve and end a brutal string of mutilation murders in southern California, before the men--or things--responsible complete their dark design and usher in a new millennium of horror on Earth.
Book 6: Hallowed Ground

Gideon Thorn follows a lead from southern California to Colorado Territory, on the eve of statehood, hoping he may solve a gruesome riddle from his own childhood.

When he was two years old, a fearsome beast—believed by some to be an ordinary grizzly bear—had massacred his parents and Thorn's older brother, leaving Gideon with a long scar across his scalp that turned the hair surrounding it stark white. Now, something has returned to Colorado, killing wantonly, devouring whole settler families, and Thorn cannot avoid revisiting the scene of his great loss, the butchery that made him what he is today.

Accompanied by friend and mentor Obi Magoro, as well as newswoman Dinah Pilcher from California, Gideon confronts his early fear—perhaps his very fate—on hallowed ground.
Book 7: Night Flyers
Gideon Thorn investigates a rash of nocturnal attacks involving massive loss of blood and discovers a horrifying pack of predators beyond his personal experience with bizarre and supernatural cases.
Book 8: Empty Graves
Gideon Thorn investigates the disappearance of Dinah Pilcher, his sometime traveling companion, fellow investigator of the occult, and Thorn's would-be biographer. Her disappearance in Arkansas, while investigating a "strange case" of grave robberies, embroils Thorn with a local outlaw clan and practitioners of an ancient religion whose rites purportedly include raising the dead to serve as slaves or instruments of vengeance in the living world they should have left behind.


An unidentified monster wrecks a paddle steam on the Mississippi River, killing all but one crewman. Newspaper reports of the incident and others draw Thorn to Natchez to confront the beast. Gideon Thorn investigates while negotiating the pitfalls of race and politics in post-Reconstruction-era Mississippi.

Thorn seeks to verify, identify and eliminate the aquatic predator, while thinking about Dinah Pilcher's recovery. Meanwhile, Natchez natives struggle within the Mississippi's rigid white supremacist "closed society," ex-slaves are seeking equality, while racist whites refuse to acknowledge losing the Civil War.