Hanging Judge
Written by Michael Newton
under the pseudonym Lyle Brandt
Book 5 of the Lawman series
Finalist in the 2010 Spur Awards for
Best Original Mass  Market Paperback
by the Western Writers of America!!!
Back Cover Copy

Unmasking A Mastermind

U.S. Marshal Jack Slade dreads the grim routine of hanging days. But this one is anything but routine. Just as the condemned men march to the ropes, shots ring out, sending the hanging judge tumbling from his viewing balcony. By the end of the shoot-out, three nameless gunmen have bitten the dust, but one has fled...

Beware! The silent brotherhood remembers!...Traitors die, and so shall you!

This note from the judge's pocket, along with a single matchbox, is all Slade has to track the gunman. As he follows these slim leads to the town of Last Resort, Slade hears ominous tales about a son of Dixie--and the resurrection of a groups of hooded killers he thought long gone. To release their deadly grip on the area, Slade's going to need a sure hand...and a ready gun.