Gerard Schaefer Jr. was just a boy when his strange behaviour began. He liked to peep through windows, wear girls panties and like many other serial killers, killed small animals. Schaefer later became a Florida Police Officer, and 'Sex Beast', who used his badge to abduct teenage girls which he raped, murdered, and some, dismembered. While serving a double life sentence, Schaefer published a series of graphic "fictional" tales, viewed by most who knew him as thinly veiled descriptions of his actual crimes. He also unsuccessfully sued numerous authors and others who publicly mentioned his case, seeking mythical damages for alleged interference with his 2017 parole hearing date. His private correspondence, placed in the public domain during those lawsuits, includes Schaefer's confession to slayings as many as 175. His jailhouse murder in 1995 leaves the mysteries surrounding his twisted life and crimes forever unsolved.
Hangman: The Life and Crimes of Gerard John Schaefer