Hidden Animals
A Field Guide to Batsquatch, Chupacabra, and Other Elusive Creatures
by Michael Newton
A global survey of unknown creatures reported by thousands of eyewitnesses—creatures that have either been verified, refuted, or are still being examined by scientific researchers.

In hindsight, the 2008 Bigfoot hoax in Georgia seemed to many a fairly obvious fraud. But the fact is, sightings of giant "ape-men" occur on every inhabited continent, and if we never explored the possible existence of these mysterious creatures, however fantastic, we might never have discovered any number of real species.

Hidden Animals: A Field Guide to Batsquatch, Chupacabra, and Other Elusive Creatures welcomes readers into the fascinating world of cryptozoology—the scientific pursuit of legendary creatures that sometimes reveals hoaxes and sometimes identifies real, previously unknown species. Compiled by Michael Newton, author of the acclaimed Encyclopedia of Cryptozoology, it is the first comprehensive topical resource covering the crossroads of zoology and folklore written exclusively for a younger audience.

Organized by type of creature type, such as giant animals, missing links, and living fossils, Hidden Animals surveys various beings reported and pursued worldwide from ancient times to the present, in every corner of the globe. In the process, it relates classic myths and legends to identified flesh-and-blood animals. Readers will be captivated by both the scientific evidence supporting the existence of specific cryptids and the exposure of notorious frauds or cases of mistaken identity.

Title Features
--Nearly 100 entries on the full range of cryptids, organized into categories of types of animals
--Primary sources, including eyewitness accounts of sightings of undocumented creatures
--Sketches of reported hidden animals and photographs of real species uncovered in the pursuit of cryptids
--A "Who's Who" in cryptozoology with brief biographies of major figures in the field
--A wide-ranging bibliography of print and online resources for further exploration
--A comprehensive index of animals (real and speculative), people, places, and discoveries

--Gives young readers a chance to go on an exciting "monster hunt," separating speculation about bizarre creatures from verifiable scientific evidence
--Ranges from antiquity to the present, including coverage of a number of previously undocumented species found in the 21st century, including the dwarf porcupine and six new species of monkeys
--Includes detailed eyewitness accounts to communicate the firsthand experience of encountering a creature believed to be supernatural or previously unseen
--Offers an unbiased review of scientific evidence supporting or debunking sightings, including the most spectacular discoveries and hoaxes throughout history


"The well-researched, informative text is presented in a methodical format and black-and-white illustrations serve to enhance the text. The type and amount of information presented gives an excellent overview of the subject and will serve as a starting place for further research."
—ARBAonline 10/1/2009

"Prolific freelance author Newton profiles 93 creatures not recognized by modern science, or in some cases officially extinct but still encountered by ordinary people. They include giant and pygmy versions of otherwise respectable creatures, animals living where or when they are not supposed to, animals that are part one thing and part another, deep sea and deep sky denizens, maulers, and those too weird to fit into any category of weirdness."
—SciTech Book News December 2009

"The text is impeccably resourced, and the tone is neutral. . . its presentation is sufficiently mature to keep an adult audience reading happily. . . . Recommended. Academic, two-year technical program, and general readers, all levels."
—Choice March 2010