The Encyclopedia of High-Tech Crime
and Crime-Fighting
by Michael Newton
Foreword by John L. French, Supervisor, Baltimore City Police Crime Laboratory
The history of crime in America has proven that criminals are often the first to seize upon opportunities presented by new technologies and use them for nefarious purposes. It has also demonstrated that law enforcement groups are quick to respond and use high-tech tools to defend the public safety. This is more true than ever, now, when virus alerts arrive in e-mail in-boxes on a regular basis and sophisticated surveillance systems scan every face in a crowd of thousands at football games to weed out suspected criminals.

The Encyclopedia of High-Tech Crime and Crime-fighting is the first comprehensive survey of how the underworld takes advantage of new tools and techniques and how authorities can fight back, prevent crime, and capture criminals. In more than 420 entries, the author provides clear, extensive coverage of everything from DNA and medical evidence to computer virus attacks, from blood spatter analysis to explosive detection devices. Many of these topics have become all the more relevant in the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Topics covered in this unprecedented look at the hottest emerging field in law enforcement include:
Facts on File
Hardcover; 400 pages
October 2003
ISBN: 0-8160-4978-5
          Acme Rent-A-Car
          illegal use of GPS
          Airport security
          Bank security cell
          Chemical and biological weapons
          Computer fraud and sabotage/hacking
          Computer viruses
          DNA and other medical evidence
          Electromagnetic pulse "blackout bombs"
          Forensic anthropology identification devices
          Identity theft           
          Luminol testing
          Non-lethal weapons
          Nuclear emergency search team
          Phone cloning and fraud
          Police equipment
          Psychological profiling
          Satellite surveillance
          School security
          Software, video, and satellite piracy
          Synthetic narcotics and designer drugs
          Telephone fraud
          Traditional crime and high-tech tools
"Highly recommended."
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" interesting, informative book that shows how criminal justice has changed to adapt to new and challenging circumstances...Recommended."
"This is a very interesting and addictive book, one that will appeal to its intended audience, browsers and report writers alike. Because of its comprehensive scope, this title stands alone in its coverage of the topic. Highly recommended."
                                                         --Library Media Connection, Starred Review