by Michael Newton
On the eve of his hotly re-election campaign in Cascade County, Oregon, Sheriff  Jason Pruett finds himself in the midst of an unprecendented crime wave. The richest man in town has been murdered, neck broken by someone--or something--with extremely large, powerful hands. The victim, CEO of Cascade County's primary industry, leaves behind a marriage fraught with tension, and a county torn by both politcial and racial animosity.

Sheriff Pruett races against time to find the killer(s), while the company--Paul Bunyon Logging--faces violent opposition from radical environmentalists and a tribe of Native Americans bent of preserving their homeland's virgin forests at all costs. To that end, a tribal shaman claims that he has conjured Omah, a vengeful nature spirit, better known to Cascade County's white inhabitants as Sasquatch or Bigfoot.

Sheriff Pruett is a skeptic, but as mayhem escalates around him, claiming other lives, he must follow every lead available to solve the crime and restore order.

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