Justice Gun
Written by Michael Newton under the pseudonym Lyle Brandt
Book 2 of "The Gun" series
The Civil War is over. The American West is on the mend. But one man's battle has just begun as he discovers that freedom and justice are never as simple as black and white.
It was a miracle for gunman Matthew Price to make it out of Redemption, Texas, alive. Facing down the outlaws who wanted him dead, he left the town in flames, like the hell it was. Gut-shot and dying, he drifted. It was a blessing that he was rescued by the Carvers--a black family pioneering their way to freedom, toward the peaceful town of New Harmony.

Price knows that if it sounds too good to be true, it is. An old rule but still holding strong in New Harmony. Recuperating in the small settlement, Price learns that not everyone is interested in being friendly, and that not all outsiders are treated equally. It's time for Matt Price to wage a new war--as the savior of the people who saved his life. 
Justice Gun
by Lyle Brandt
Mass Market Paperback
August 2003; Berkley Books;
ISBN: 0-425-19094-3 .