Killer Kids
by Michael Newton

Kids who kill. Phenomena manifesting only in these modern times, or just how long has this been going on? Michael Newton, well known for his previous encyclopedic works on criminals, has researched these minor murderers and the results are in this, his latest work, Killer Kids.
          Within the pages of this book you will discover that each year up to 1,500 kids below the legal age of 18 commit murders. And the numbers are growing higher each year. Who are these kids and why are they doing this? Find out more from Michael Newton:
          Do males commit more murders than their female counterparts?
          Are more crimes committed by kids with prior criminal records?
          What are the motivations for children to commit murder and mayhem?
          Which age group is the most likely to kill?
          Are most murders by kids committed while they are at school?
          Just what weapons does a kid have access to?
          What is "Intermittent Explosive Disorder" and how does it relate?
          Do Killer Kids work alone or are they more likely to kill in packs?
          Are they killing their own families or strangers?

          J. Edgar Hoover, long dead director of the FBI, warned us of a new crime wave spawned from a juvenile jungle, an army of teenaged criminals. Not well known for his psychic abilities, perhaps he was more prescient than we knew. Read Killer Kids and perhaps you'll agree.

Loompanics Press
October 2000
Paperback - 249 pages
ISBN: 1-55950-204-5