American Law Enforcement
by Michael Newton
American Law Enforcement
Facts on File
February 2007
Hardcover--432 pages
ISBN: 0-8160-6290-0
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There is no question that law-enforcement professionals are among the United States' most challenging and dangerous. From the colonial era to today, all those who have chosen to don a badge have confronted a constantly evolving array of crimes and criminal threats, many of which seem to grow more violent each year. American police officers have routinely placed themselves in the line of danger in the fight against illegal activities ranging from kidnapping and homicide to train robbery and auto theft, from organized crime and drug trafficking to terrorism and cyber crime.

Now, The Encyclopedia of American Law Enforcement provides an A-to-Z history of police agencies and law-enforcement authorities in the emerging and established United States from the 17th century to the present. More than 600 entries highlighting the world of American law enforcement and its role in US  history are written in a cleat, engaging style that documents key achievements in police work as well as some of its darkest moments. 

Coverage includes:
·--All major federal law enforcement agencies
·--At least one police department from each state and most major cities
·--Biographies of key figures such as U.S. attorneys general and FBI directors
·--Civil rights and social issues
·--Community outreach and crime prevention efforts, such as Crime Stoppers and D.A.R.E.
·--Law enforcement campaigns, such as the War on Drugs
·--Police codes, organization, and jargon
·--Police tactics and special units
·--Scandals and other infamous incidents
·--Types of crime
·--Women in law enforcement.