Written by Michael Newton under the pseudonym Lyle Brandt
Book 6 of the Lawman series
Back Cover Copy

Kith and Kin Killers

Twin brothers Evan and Ethan Frain do everything together--even steal and murder. But when a job gets botched, Ethan is forced to abandon his wounded kin. Determined to make things right, Ethan plans to free Evan, who's facing thirty years in prison. Ethan's never been afraid to murder, especially for his own flesh and blood...

Deputy U.S. Marshal Jack Slade once had a twin brother who was senselessly murdered. With his unique understanding of this special bond, he's in hot pursuit of two identical men he has little else in common with. Slade may not have a brother to watch his back, but he's got a Colt at his hip, and he's ready to make this one hell of a family reunion.