Monsters, Mysteries and Man
by Michael Newton
Monsters, Mysteries and Man

A giant footprint in the snow, a sea serpent sited off the New England coast, reports of beings from outer space, tales from the jungle of prehistoric dinosaurlike monsters. These are mysteries that have teased, haunted and excited mankind for years and are but a few of the creatures included in this book.

Filled with the implicit drama of the unknown, Monsters, Mysteries and Man includes facts and fantasies on some of the famous mysteries of our time the Abominable Snowman, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster as well as some of the lesser-known monsters such as "kracken" a mythological giant squid, lake serpents, and "chipekwe" and "kongomato", two prehistoric dinosaurlike monsters reported from darkest Africa. And many more!

In writing of these and other elusive creatures, the author presents the facts as he has found them and leaves it up to the readers to form their own conclusions and to speculate on the truth behind these mysteries.

Monsters, Mysteries and Man
Hardcover - 176 pages
ISBN: 0-201-05274-1