Executioner #338: Nuclear Reaction
The Executioner: Nuclear Reaction
by Don Pendleton

Mass Market Paperback
January 2007
Gold Eagle; ISBN: 978-0-373-64338-7
Necessary Risks

Mack Bolan is searching for suitcase nukes in the treacherous backcountry of Pakistan. The deadly weapons are being developed by internal factions determined to vaporize neighboring India. It's a suicide mission--one Bolan takes on with deadly determination.

Aiding a group of dissidents committed to stopping a deeply rooted conspiracy that could lead to the annihilation of the Indian subcontinent, Bolan adjusts his angle of attack as a relentless enemy races ahead on their doomsday timetable. But in a part of the world where an international shouting match can turn into mutually assured destruction, all the Executioner needs is for his enemy to make one critical mistake.
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