The Executioner #308, 309 & 310:
The OrgCrime Trilogy
Book I
An isolated firefight off the Gulf of Mexico disturbs Johnny Bolan enough to put in a call to big brother Mack. They discover mercenary collusion with local rebels on a tiny Caribbean island...and hints of Mob involvement in a run-of-the-mill peasant rebellion.

A hard probe into a merc compound deep in the Louisiana bayou goes to hell after the first shot, leaving the Bolan brothers with little more than a new wild card in the deck: a lady Fed. The trio tracks the Mafia connection to its final resting place, courtesy of a few well-aimed kill shots, but the big picture remains out of focus. As the cold trail stateside leads to international waters, a virulent enemy is baiting a new hook.

The Executioner: Into the Fire
by Don Pendleton
Mass Market Paperback
July 2004; Gold Eagle;
ISBN: 037364308
Book II
His brother Johnny's urgent summons draws Mack Bolan into a campaign to take down Maxwell Reed, an exiled Caribbean dictator using an army of mercenaries to stage a coup. Reed is financed by a consortium of international crime lords intent on claiming a stake in the corrupt and violent future of Isla de Victoria.

Bolan has Reed in his sights when his quarry and those who pay his way move the fight from its stateside beginnings to Panama City and the Bahamas. Along the way, many fall to the guns of the Bolan brothers, a rogue lady Fed and Stony Man's Jack Grimaldi.

But the foursome is shattered when one of their own is captured, and all that may be left to fight for is the bittersweet taste of revenge.

The Executioner: Flames of Fury
by Don Pendleton
Mass Market Paperback
August 2004; Gold Eagle;
ISBN: 037364309
Book III
Running on sheer nerve and raw fury, Johnny Bolan faces a difficult challenge: find his brother. It's the grim endgame in a campaign to take down a rogue Caribbean dictator and his puppet masters: a cartel of global predators bankrolling a revolution for profit.

On a relentless sweep to take out the major heavies, the Bolan brothers have exacted a steep price in enemy blood, but the tab is getting longer by the hour, with Johnny and a gutsy lady Fed prepared to collect in full on the small island nation where it all began. And if they're too late to save the Executioner, vengeance will be scorched earth all the way.

The Executioner: Killing Heat
by Don Pendleton
Mass Market Paperback
September 2004; Gold Eagle;
ISBN: 037364310