Mack Bolan: Power of the Lance
The Tyranny Files BookII

Led by the man who would be Fuhrer, Gerhard Steuben, a.k.a. Gary Stevens, the Temple of the Nordic Covenant has the weapons, connections and skinhead shock troops to fulfill their mad vision of a Reich reborn.

Mack Bolan's opening strike in the U.S. against the Temple's patented terrorism ended with the enemy limping but far from lame. Now Bolan teams up with a Mossad agent in Germany, in a race to halt phase two of the new master plan: the slaughter of German Jews in a next-generation Kristallnacht.

Using everything from ancient black magic to nukes, Steuben and his fanatics are moving toward the next event: an assasination that will rock Europe -- and set the stage for a rebirth of the Nazi reign of terror.

Mack Bolan: Power of the Lance
(The Tyranny Files Book II)
by Don Pendleton
Mass market Paperback
July 2001; Gold Eagle
ISBN: 0373614799