The Executioner # 344: Primal Law

Guatemalan rebels have discovered a new way to finance a campaign of terror. They are looting rare Mayan artifacts and selling them for millions. The location of the jungle tomb is a secret to all but the rebel army, which has tapped it as its own private war chest.

Mack Bolan’s mission is twofold: find the hidden ruins, then stop the pillage by whatever means necessary. But he’s up against an army determined to maintain its deadly hold on a lost temple and its riches. Bolan’s unerring skill in the hostile jungle makes him a formidable enemy. He’s willing to face death for a just cause, but he knows the difference between a soldier’s sacrifice and a suicide mission. If the Executioner is going down, he’s taking the bad guys with him.

The Executioner: Primal Law
by Don Pendleton

Mass market paperback

Gold Eagle Books, July 2007
ISBN: 0-373-64344-6