The Executioner # 290, Pursued
Rules of Survival

Mack Bolan is brought into a U.S.-sponsored mission to escort the world's most wanted terrorist four thousand miles to an international trial in the Netherlands. Infiltrating and extracting Al'alim Abd al Sami from his remote desert compound kicks off a race with no guarantees of survival at the end of the line.

Interceptor hit teams are in hot pursuit, one comprised of CIA-contracted mercs, the other deployed by the Mossad. Even al Sami's own cadre of terrorists is determined to take out their leader in case he sings, and anyone else in the way.

As the mission gets bloodier by the hour, Bolan must race against time and the hunters to see justice done. For the Executioner the roles are reversed on this one, and that makes him lethal...
The Executioner: Pursued
by Don Pendleton

Mass Market Paperback
January 2003
Gold Eagle; ISBN: 0373642903