Rebel Gun
Written by Michael Newton under the pseudonym Lyle Brandt
Book Four of "The Gun" series
The Civil War is over. The American West is on the mend, but turmoil still brews south of the border. And one man's search for peace finds him the subject of a Mexican manhunt.

Matthew Price is weary of the trail. He's tired of living by the gun--tired of finding trouble everywhere he rides. So when he recognizes the face plastered on a public execution notice in a tiny Mexican village, he's tempted to turn his back and hightail it out of town. But the man pictured is Gray Wolf, the Apache to whom he owes his life. Matt knows it's time for him to return the favor.

Breaking Gray Wolf out of jail is the easy part. Soon Matt discovers that by setting free his compadre's cellmate, he has also released the federales' greatest threat: fierce resistance leader Cesar Zapata de Leon. Running with the revolutionary means that this time Matt has more than a bounty at stake. Now the price is on his head.
Rebel Gun
by Lyle Brandt
Mass Market Paperback
May 2005; Berkley Books;
ISBN: 0-425-20298-4