Mack Bolan: Ripple Effect
Mack Bolan: Ripple Effect

September 2007
Gold Eagle Books
ISBN: 0-373-61519-1
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When the military career of a top-notch Green Beret is terminated by a raw deal, the soldier turns mercenary to spill blood for profit. Now he's cast his lot with terrorists and organzied crime, knowing there's big money working for those fueled by hatred and fanaticism. And if it brings him some payback against the government that betrayed him, all the sweeter.

Mack Bolan not only understands the mind-set of a well-trained soldier, he can play it to his advantage. But he's got less than twenty-four hours to rattle Vancouver's Triads in hopes of shaking loose their prized American gun for hire--because the mercenary has a suitcase full of death, and the incentive to make sure it reaches its final destination across the U.S. border.