The Executioner #268,  Shattered Trust
The Conspiracy Trilogy Book I

When a routine missing persons case turns into a blood battle with the Russian Mafia, San Diego private investigator Johnny Bolan Gray puts in a call to help to big brother.

Going on the offensive, Mack Bolan uncovers a conspiracy that puts the CIA in bed with the head of the Russian syndicate, but Stony Man has warned him to stand down. Going this one with Johnny, the Executioner mounts a strike against Tolya Valerik that sweeps from Los Angeles to New York, crushing his stateside operations.

But the brothers' scorched-earth campaign hasn't penetrated all levels of the conspiracy--yet.

The Executioner: Shattered Trust
(The Conspiracy Trilogy Book I)
by Don Pendleton
Mass Market Paperback
March 2001: Gold Eagle;
ISBN: 0373642687