The Executioner #269, Shifting Shadows
The Conspiracy Trilogy Book  II

Mack Bolan teams up with his brother Johnny to leave a blood trail of chaos accross two continents, uprooting a conspiracy involving the CIA and the Russian Mafia. Frozen out of Stony Man's intelligence circles, the Bolan brothers are on their own--and possibly at war with the people they call friends.

The game of hide-and-seek with Russian crime boss Tolya Valerik has spanned a hemisphere, but time is running out and Bolan must lock and load on the key players. America has been sold out by those sworn to protect her in a blood contract for money and power.

Taking down the conspirators is the Executioner's oath to his last breath--even if the enemy turns out to be someone he once trusted with his life.

The Executioner: Shifting Shadows
(The Conspiracy Trilogy, Book II)
by Don Pendelton
Mass Market Paperback 
April 2001;  Gold Eagle
ISBN: 0373642695