Mack Bolan: State of Evil
Mack Bolan: State of Evil

by Don Pendleton
Mass Market Paperback
Nov. 2006; Gold Eagle
ISBN: 978-0-373-61514-8
Road to Armageddon.

A call from an old friend sends Mack Bolan to the Congo, armed and ready to extract a young man from cultists calling themselves The Process.

Led by a fanatical sociopath who believes his ultimate power lies beyond the divine--but also in the hands of an elite security team of Uzi-wielding enforcers-- this self-styled prophet's most recent holy act involved removing all traces of a U.S. congressman's humanitarian visit, including the bodies.

Making his way through the jungle with his reluctant charge in tow and hunters on his back, Bolan's instincts kick into high gear, quickly turning the rescue mission into a race to stop the detonation of an atomic weapon before the African cult leader's personal Judgment Day leaves no opportunity for second chances....
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