Vengeance Gun
Written by Michael Newton under the pseudonym Lyle Brandt
Book Three of "The Gun" series
The Civil War is over. The American West is on the mend. But one man's battle has just begun as he discovers that peace always comes at a price.


After too many years surrounded by bullets and bad men, gunfighter Matthew Price has finally found contentment as the marshal in the idyllic town of New Harmony--and in the arms of the beautiful frontier doctor who saved his life. But fate has one more cruel hand to deal Price. His perfect world is shattered when he returns from chasing a local criminal to find his home in chaos, the bank looted--and his beloved murdered.

With nothing left to hope for, Price hits the trail once more to track down the gang of vipers who killed his only love and bring them to justice. His justice. Riding for blood, Matthew Price will go beyond what he's sworn to uphold as a lawman--and take his vengeance as judge, jury and executioner...

Vengeance Gun
by Lyle Brandt
Mass Market Paperback
July 2004; Berkley Books;
ISBN: 0-425-19383-7