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" excellent choice for public and academic libraries."

" absolute must for crime fiction writers..."
   --January Magazine
Winner of the Florida Historical Society's 2002
Rembert Patrick Award for Best Book in Florida History
"This excellent reference tool will have great appeal to a wide audience, not just those with a special interest in criminal justice. Highly recommended."
                                               --Library Journal 
"Forget about phony 'experts' and 'analysts'--forget the hype, the headlines and the sound-bites!  Here is the truth about serial killers."
                                        --Robert Bloch, author of Psycho
"The most complete analysis of the serial killer phenomenon available."
                                                 --John Douglas, retired FBI profiler, author  of                                                    Mindhunter  and The Cases That Haunt Us
for Michael Newton
"The Encyclopedia of Cryptozoology is a must have for anyone interested in learning more about mystery monsters and unknown creatures from around the world. It comes highly recommended by this lover of the strange and curious."

--Drew Vics for Strange Encounters
"You should go out of your way to highly recommend it for
purchase by your local school or university library (the target audience
of a reference work like this).  And for those serious cryptozoologists
who can afford it, for your personal research library, it, simply put, is a
*must* buy."
    --Loren Coleman
"...if you are interested in cryptozoology, you have to have this excellent, comprehensive encyclopedia. A thoroughly superb, informative, and fascinating work, to read from cover to cover..."
--Dr. Karl P.N. Shuker
"...Recommended for public libraries and special collections..."
                              --Library Journal
"This is a very interesting and addictive book, one that will appeal to its intended audience, browsers and report writers alike. Because of its comprehensive scope, this title stands alone in its coverage of the topic. Highly recommended."
                          --Library Media Connection, Starred Review

"...No one is better at blending readability with scholarship..."                                                        --Jack Olsen, author of Last Man Standing                                                 
"Hunting Humans is a book which should be hunted down by anyone and everyone who is aware of the menace of murder in our midst--it's a veritable Who's Who of who-dunnits in serial slayings."
                 --Robert Bloch, Author of Psycho
"[Hunting Humans] offers a treasure trove of valuable data for the serious researcher. I highly recommend it." 
                    --Maury Terry, Author of The Ultimate Evil
"Michael Newton has put together the definitive work on an important subject. Unlike a lot of sensationalists, he is aware that the childhoods of these pathetic human beings shed important light on what they become. Hunting Humans is must reading for anyone interested in crime, sociology or human behavior."
                        --Jack Olsen, Author of Last Man Standing
"This no-nonsense encyclopedia features a preface with statistics on typology and distribution of serial killers, and detailed, well-composed entries on over 500 individual cases from all over the world--listed by names of killers and by categories of crimes (including unsolved murders by geographical region). It includes lust killers, merry widows and widowers, "bluebeards," duos and gangs, murderous cults, lethal doctors and nurses, highway and railroad killers, and four examples of killers who were dressed in girls' clothes as punishment when they were little.
This reviewer was fascinated by such cases as the New Orleans ax murderer who vowed to bypass any homes where jazz was playing, and the Polish rooming house landlord who pickled some 30 of his tenants in brine.
As acclaimed true-crime writer Jack Olsen writes, "Hunting Humans is a must read for anyone interested in crime, sociology or human behavior. It is a welcome addition to my shelf, and I intend to borrow from it liberally."
" interesting, informative book that shows how criminal justice has changed to adapt to new and challenging circumstances...Recommended."
"...[a] worthy addition to any collection...The writing here is crisp and clean, offering plenty of detail without melodrama."
"...most useful for large public libraries..."
                                               --American Reference Books Annual
"Excellent...places the Ku Klux Klan where it belongs: at the center of Florida and U.S. history."
                                  -- The Journal of Southern History, November 2004
"...The depth of coverage in the current work makes it an excellent purchase for academic, high-school, and public libraries whose patrons are interested in this subject."
"...All in all, Encyclopedia of Cryptozoology is a five star effort by a diligent author/researcher and really ought to be a well-thumbed reference classic for anyone with even the most cursory interest in the subject of cryptozoology. I highly recommend this incredible work..."

                 --British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club
"...The work successfully reveals the sinister side of the FBI..."
"Newton has filled this resource with character portraits of some of the most notorious thieves, and their pursuers, in the history of the world as well as general articles on such topics as "Jewel Theft: History," "Nazi Looting of Europe," and "Terrorist Robberies." Fascinating tales of heists often relate the not-so-exciting aspects of a life of crime, such as one bank robber giving up his illegal activities to supervise a bank's parking lot. The movie image of Bonnie and Clyde is altered by their real-life exploits, as is the reputation of Melvin Purvis (one of the FBI agents responsible for the capture and death of John Dillinger) by the discussion of his career. This encyclopedia offers historical background and solid curricular information. The author's research is extensive, as evidenced by the lengthy bibliography of selected sources. The black-and-white photographs add a great deal to the entries, often suggesting that even the most innocent of faces can have a rap sheet a mile long."
                                                            --School Library Journal
"...All in all this is an extensive piece of work on cryptozoology--if an account of a mystery creature exists, it will be in this book. It would be useful in most public libraries as an excellent reference tool and although the layout and type look scholarly (and slightly old-fashioned) it is a book you can browse through--if only to see what's been seen in the area of the country you live in."

                --Helen Ashton, Reference Reviews, vol 19, no. 8
Chosen as one of  the American Library Association's
2006 List of Outstanding Reference Sources.
"This book is a priceless look into the darkest and ugliest side of our nation's past and present...this book is important reading for every patriotic American. Knowing where this evil lurks will help Americans of all races, creeds and colors educate a future generation which will reject this inherited legacy of terrorism...Even as we battle terrorists abroad, this book is a solemn reminder that much work remains to be done at home. The terrorists are here already--in their white sheets and hoods."
               --Jefferson Post
"The Ku Klux Klan...provides a tremendous amount of information from diverse perspectives while advancing a distinct and revealing picture that is both fascinating and abhorent. Given the continuing interest in the Ku Klux Klan, this book will draw appreciative audiences in academic, as well as public libraries and is suitable for both reference and circulating collections."
--Against the Grain, Vol. 19, No. 1
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"The well-researched, informative text is presented in a methodical format and black-and-white illustrations serve to enhance the text. The type and amount of information presented gives an excellent overview of the subject and will serve as a starting place for further research."
—ARBAonline 10/1/2009

"Prolific freelance author Newton profiles 93 creatures not recognized by modern science, or in some cases officially extinct but still encountered by ordinary people. They include giant and pygmy versions of otherwise respectable creatures, animals living where or when they are not supposed to, animals that are part one thing and part another, deep sea and deep sky denizens, maulers, and those too weird to fit into any category of weirdness."
—SciTech Book News December 2009

"The text is impeccably resourced, and the tone is neutral. . . its presentation is sufficiently mature to keep an adult audience reading happily. . . . Recommended. Academic, two-year technical program, and general readers, all levels."
—Choice March 2010

Hidden Animals
"...The strength of Newton's work is his chronological collection of primary documents produced by hate groups, an archive he's been building since age fourteen..."
                        --The Journal of Southern History, August 2018