True Crime

Daddy Was
The Black Dahlia Killer

Silent Rage

Stolen Away
Waste Land
by Michael Newton
Gangsters Encyclopedia
Mr. Mob:
The Moe Dalitz Story
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Hunting Humans
Serial Slaughter ( reissued as Century of Slaughter
Raising Hell
Bad Girls Do It!
Killer Cops
Holy Homicide
Black Collar Crimes
Cop Killers
Still at Large
Killer Kids
Chronology of Organized Crime Worldwide
True Crime: Gangsters--Outside the Law
Famous Assissinations in World History, and Encyclopedia
Unsolved Civil Rights Murder Cases, 1934-1970
The Texarkana
"Moonlight Murders"
Boss of Murder:
The Criminal Life of
Albert Anastasia
The Mafia at Apalachin .
Doctor Death
Hearts of Darkness
Iron Curtain Killers
The Life and Crimes of
Gerard John Schaefer
The Dark Strangler:
Earle Leonard Nelson
Hate Crimes in America:
The Encyclopedia of
Serial Killers